Design Standards


The notes and details on this page serve as Appendix F to the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance Guidance Manual

Standard Notes for tree protection and planting:

Tree Preservation and Planting Standard Notes(PDF, 87KB)

311300-Tree Protection

311300.1         6′ Chain Link Tree Protection Fence-8.5 x 11
311300.2         4′ Chain Link Tree Protection Fence-8.5 x 11
311300.3         CRZ Determination
311300.4         Root Pad Detail
311300.5         Root Pruning Detail
311300.14       6′ Tree protection barrier for restricted space
311300.15       Trunk Wrap

311100 – Non-standard tree protection

311100.6         Stone Wall Construction within CRZ
311300.7         Root Protection Matting
311300.8         Wooden Tree Guard
311300.9         Above Grade Mulch Path
311300.10       Above Grade Sidewalk with Root Aeration Matting
311300.11       Tree Sensitive Concrete Sidewalk
311300.12       Fill within CRZ with Root Aeration Matting
311300.16       Root Aeration for Roadway
311300.19       Protection for underground utility installation
311300.20       Root protection in Utility Trench

329200-Exterior Plants

329300.1(PDF, 132KB)       Tree Planting
329300.2      Tree Planting on Slope
329300.3a    Street Tree Pit
329300.3b    Street Tree Planting
329300.4A    Street Tree Strip, 1 of 2
329300.4B    Street Tree Strip, 2 of 2
329300.5      Street Tree Notes
329300.6      Deciduous Tree Staking
329300.7     Evergreen Tree Staking
329300.8     Shrub Planting
329300.9     Shrub Planting on Slope
329300.10  Groundcover and Perennial Planting
329300.12   Groundcover and Perennial Planting on Slope
329300.11A Continuous Soil Panel Section
329300.11B Continuous Soil Panel Plan
329300.11C Tree Pit Drainage

Note: All design specs are in PDF Format and most details print to scale on 8 ½” x 11″ paper.

Details may have changed without notice. This page always contains the most up-to-date details for tree protection and planting. Details are adapted from existing details and ideas presented from public and private entities, over time. Source for some tree protection details: Adapted from Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc., a Davey company