Until Help Arrives

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About Until Help Arrives

Introducing Until Help Arrives: A must-attend, free emergency response training for anyone who lives, works, or spends time in Arlington County.

Equip yourself with life-saving skills to act confidently in emergencies. Whether it's a sudden accident at work, a car crash, or an act of violence, you can save lives while waiting for first responders.

What You'll Learn:

  • Situational Awareness: Stay alert, identify threats, stay safe.
  • Identifying Life Threats: Know what to look for and act fast.
  • Bleed Control: Techniques like tourniquet use and wound care.
  • Injury Management: Proper ways to move and position the injured.
  • Psychological Support: Comforting the wounded in distress.
  • Efficient 9-1-1 Communication: Ensure the right info gets through, fast.


Be the help, until help arrives.


Take a Class

Anyone who lives, works, and spends time in Arlington is welcome to attend Until Help Arrives classes. We offer several formats to suit your needs:

Full Course (3.5 hours): Dive deep with both classroom instruction and hands-on practice. A comprehensive look at all you need to know with a certificate to commend your commitment to helping others. Register for the UHA Full Course.

Hands-On Practice (2 hours): Perfect for those who prefer a direct approach to learning practical techniques with minimal classroom time. Before attending, complete the essential online courses to make the most of this session. Register for Hands-On Practice.

Online On-Demand Course (45-minute modules): Explore UHA's online training modules from your home. Note that videos contain graphic content.

5-Minute Videos: Learn key techniques with bite-sized videos, setting the stage for an in-depth review during your UHA training session. Perfect for those on the go! See "5-Minute UHA Videos" tab. 

5-Minute UHA Videos

Watch 5-minute videos to learn skills that will be reviewed in-depth during UHA training: