Natural Gas Emergencies

Gas Emergency Graphic

If you smell natural gas, evacuate the area immediately. 

If the odor is very strong or you hear a blowing or hissing noise:

  • vacate the building or area immediately
  • leave doors unlocked as you leave
  • warn others as you exit
  • do not turn electrical equipment or light switches on or off
  • do not start a car or any type of motorized equipment

Call 9-1-1 only after you have reached a safe distance away from the building or area.

The Arlington County Fire Department’s gas leak response will depend on if the leak is located inside or outside and the size of the gas line leaking.

Once on scene, firefighters will speak with the person who reported leak and check the area with gas meters.

If there is no odor and no readings on our meters, we will notify the reporting party before we go back in service.

If there is an odor with low readings, we will request the gas company or building engineer/manager to respond while we attempt to stop the leak.

If there are dangerous readings, we will confirm the area has been evacuated and determine a safe distance away for bystanders. We will request the gas company to respond while we attempt to stop the leak.

More information from Washington Gas