Guidance on Donations to the Fire Department

We greatly appreciate the public’s generosity during these unprecedented times. Due to public health concerns, the Fire Department is not accepting any supplies. Food donations are still being accepted with certain guidelines.

To ensure the food safety for all of our members, all food donations must adhere to the following rules:

  • Prepared food can be accepted only from certified restaurants and catering companies.
  • Items must be individually packaged, boxed and labeled.
  • We cannot accept items such as open trays of food or large containers.
  • We cannot accept homemade food.
  • All deliveries must ensure contactless delivery and are not to enter the firehouse and must observe social distancing.

Consider donating to our community partners: the Virginia Hospital Center Community Support Page and Inova Health Foundation COVID-19 Page.

Many other non-profit organizations rely on the generosity of this community to provide their services. Learn about how you can help in the Arlington Food Assistance Center‘s response to COVID-19, including how to fill their warehouse. For more ways to donate, please visit the Volunteer Arlington donation page.