Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Program Mission

To strengthen County operations and minimize risk and fraud through systematic evaluation of operations and internal controls.

  • To assist senior management and departments to effectively and efficiently implement County programs in compliance with financial, accounting and other County policies by conducting objective internal audits and reviews.
  • To test internal controls to provide reasonable assurance that resources are safeguarded against waste and abuse.
  • In conjunction with the County Manager’s Office and other departments, implement the Financial Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline 


Internal resources and external consulting services will together implement the annual Work Plan and any unexpected needs. In the Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Adopted Budget, the County Board approved funding for one internal audit position, bringing the total number of internal resources to support this function to 1.5 FTEs. Presently, RSM US, LLP. — a major provider of assurance, accounting and consulting services to governments and corporations — is working with the County to complete the Work Plan.

Work Plan and Completed Reports

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