Human Services (DHS)




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About the Department of Human Services

The Arlington County Department of Human Services (DHS) works to advance economic security, safety, and general well-being. Our vision is a just and equitable community that is healthy, safe, and economically secure, and free of systemic racism.

DHS is the County’s largest department, serving more than 58,000 individuals annually with a budget of over $183 million, about 800 employees, and more than 100 programs. DHS is well-equipped to address the complex needs of at-risk persons and their families because it is an integrated agency that houses public assistance, social services, behavioral healthcare, housing, public health, child & family services, aging & disability services, and job programs under one department. DHS oversees and evaluates the complete range of human needs in the County, provides direct services in response to those needs, and contracts with the non-profit sector to provide additional services to those not met directly by the County.