Medicaid for Women Who Are Pregnant

Virginia has temporarily suspended co-pays for any Medicaid or FAMIS covered services. Learn more about changes in financial assistance due to the Coronavirus pandemic here.

General Information

Provides medical insurance for women who are pregnant and have low-income. Program may cover:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Physician visits
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital care
  • Preventive care


  • U.S. Resident or legal immigrant
  • Virginia resident
  • Medically confirmed pregnancy or be within 60 days after the pregnancy ends
  • Social Security number or proof of application
  • Assign all rights to medical support, which mean that any reimbursements from applicants private health insurance must be paid to the Department of Medical Assistance (DMAS)
  • Income and the income of anyone living with applicant who is legally responsible for applicants support must be verified

Monthly Income Limits

Household Size Annual (143% Federal Poverty Level + 5% FPL disregard*) Monthly
1 $18,419 $1,535
2 $24,911 $2,076
3 $31,403 $2,617
4 $37,895 $3,158
5 $44,388 $3,699
6 $50,880 $4,240
7 $57,372 $4,781
8 $63,864 $5,322
Each Additional $6,493 $542

How to Apply

Contact Cover Virginia at 855-242-8282 (TTY:1-888-221-1590).

The following documents are related to the OPEN ENROLLMENT for Health Insurance through 12/15/17.

Apply in person or mail to:

Bureau of Assistance Programs
2100 Washington Boulevard, 1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22204


Fax application and documents required to 703-228-1011


Call 703-228-1350 to have an application mailed to you

Documents Required

  1. Complete Health Insurance for Children and Pregnant Women Application
  2. Social Security Number or proof of application
  3. If applicant was born in the U.S., original birth certificate or U.S. Passport
  4. If applicant not born in the U.S., front and back of Immigration documents, Alien registration card, I-94 or Passport
  5. Copy of health insurance cards, if applicable
  6. Written proof of pregnancy signed by an M.D., R.N., or Medical Practitioner
  7. Proof of income and that of spouse, if applicable