Child Care Subsidy

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About the program

  • Provides financial support, in the form of a subsidy, for childcare to lower-income families participating in an approved activity (working or attending school).
  • We provide a listing for licensed family child care homes and early childhood programs that accept the subsidy.
  • A waitlist currently exists for subsidized care.


  • Arlington residents with low income who are working (part-time or full-time) or going to school
  • Children served must be U.S. citizens or qualified aliens
  • Children served must be under age 13 or under age 18 if child has special needs
  • Children must be age-appropriately immunized

Income Limits

Household Size Maximum Monthly Gross Income
1 $1,967
2 $2,659
3 $3,349
4 $4,039
5 $4,731
6 $5,421
7 $6,111
8 $6,803
9 $7,493
10 $8,183

How to apply

Apply in person at:

2100 Washington Boulevard, 1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22204

Call to schedule an appointment 703-228-1350

Apply for Child Care Subsidy online at CommonHelp

Documents required

  • Complete application
  • Verification of residence
  • Verification of income
  • Verification of employment and/or school enrollment status of child needing care
  • Verification of U.S citizenship or alien status