UPDATED 8/18/2021

Department programs are transitioning to provide more in-person services with safety measures in place, as well as walk-in hours for some programs. Many services remain appointment-only and we continue to offer telehealth and virtual client connections. In-person services remain available for those where more direct client contact is needed to ensure client safety and increase face-to-face contact when clients are at a high risk. In all instances where services are delivered in person, the DHS Safety Committee has recommended building and personnel safety measures to ensure safety as more people utilize the facilities and other resources, including vehicles.

  • Highest-risk services (e.g., Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, Child Advocacy Center, Behavioral Health Emergency Services, PACT) will continue to be delivered using a blend of in-person and remote contact, based on clinical assessment.  When remote contact is not feasible, high-risk services will always be delivered in-person.

Please contact programs for details on specific service modifications using the phone numbers below. For general inquiries or if you are unsure who to contact, call 703-228-1300 and the call center will assist you.

  • Senior Adult Mental Health: No walk-ins. New clients by appointment only. Most appointments by phone or Zoom; limited face-to-face.
  • Meals on Wheels, AFAC Grocery Delivery: No walk-ins. New clients by appointment only.
  • Aging and Disability Resource Center: No walk-ins. Using remote model for assessment, intake, shelter referrals, and emergency assistance.
  • Adult Services and Adult Protective Services: Staff will conduct face-to-face visits as needed, with appropriate safety measures.
  • Nursing Case Management: Most client check-ins conducted by phone. Staff will conduct home visits as needed, with appropriate safety measures.
  • Community Living Program (Home Care Partners and Medical Team): Initial intake by phone. Vendors continue to provide in-home service with appropriate safety measures.
  • Developmental Disability Services: Will resume face-to-face assessments/wellness checks in the community by Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinators.  Need for visits and visit frequency will be prioritized based on individuals’ risk levels; individuals at lower risk will continue to receive services through telehealth.  Visits will occur primarily in the field.
  • Arlington Adult Day Program is closed through April 24.
  • Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (VICAP): No walk-ins. Using remote model to conduct Medicare counseling.

  • Emergency Services: Open; providing virtual and face-to-face assessments.
  • Psychiatric Services: By appointment only. Most appointments by phone/Zoom; limited face-to-face appointments.
  • PACT: Remote monitoring in place. Face-to-face as needed for medication delivery, injections, and crisis intervention.
  • Intake: Same Day Access is suspended. Moving to scheduled intake model with remote assessments unless client does not have access to technology
  • Jail Mental Health and ACT: Continuing face-to-face work in Detention Facility with safety measures in place.
  • Outpatient Services: Transitioning to remote model with phone and Zoom unless client does not have access to technology.
  • Residential Services: Staff working with contractors remotely. Vendors continue to provide in-home service with appropriate safety measures.
  • Neighborhood Health Clinic: Closed.
  • Peer Recovery Center: Closed.
  • Clarendon House Psycho-social Day Program: Closed; staff providing individualized support.
  • Children’s Behavioral Health: Effective 9/8/21–Walk-ins available for intake only (Same Day Access) on Wednesdays 10 a.m.-2 p.m. ONLY. For non-walk-in options, Intakes are scheduled Monday (10 a.m.-2 p.m.), Tuesday (10 a.m.-2 p.m.), Wednesday (3 p.m.-6 p.m.) and Friday (10 a.m.-2 p.m.). Intake, therapy, and case management sessions are being conducted in-person and virtually using Telehealth. Call 703-228-1560 for questions and to schedule an appointment for intake.
  • Child Advocacy Center: Forensic interviews in-person; therapy-in-person and via Telehealth.
  • Behavior Intervention Services: Behavior intervention and parent coaching by phone or Telehealth.
  • Foster Care: Monthly contacts by phone and Zoom. Placements, transports and some visitation continue in-person with safety measures in place.
  • Child Protective Services – Investigations: Assessments, safety checks, forensic interviews, removals and crisis response conducted in-person with safety measures in place.
  • Child Protective Services – In-Home (Ongoing): in-person with safety measures in place.
  • Family Partnership Meetings: Virtual when possible, depending on family’s needs and technology capabilities.
ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE |  703-228-1300 (also for general inquiries)
  • Arlington Employment Center: No face-to-face services. Access to Resource Center by appointment only.
  • Customer Service Center: No walk-ins. Phone services only. Checks/EBT by mail only.
  • Customer Service Center Intake: All intakes conducted by phone or online. Face-to-face available for anything that cannon be done via phone or online; by appointment only.
  • Clinical Coordination Unit: Phone and online services. Face-to-face by appointment only.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Case Management at Arlington Mill: Services continue on site with safety measures in place.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Admissions: By appointment only.
  • Community Corrections Program: Providing limited case management face-to-face with safety measures in place.
  • Housing Assistance (Housing Grant, Housing Choice Voucher): No walk-ins. Face-to-face by appointment only.
  • Housing Choice Voucher Move-In Inspections: Conducting for vacant units with safety measures in place.
  • Food Distribution: All sites operational with distribution moved outside for Gates of Ballston, Woodbury Park, and Arlington Mill. AFAC fully operational and moving to bag-only distribution model. Safety measures in place.
  • Shelters: All fully operational. Safety measures in place.
PUBLIC HEALTH |  703-228-1200
  • AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP): Medication delivery by mail or appointment only.
  • Dental Clinic: By appointment only.
  • Family Planning and Teens: Telemedicine/telehealth options, appointments for some services.
  • Immunization Clinic: By appointment only.
  • Maternity Clinic: New clients screened by phone. Face-to-face by appointment only.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic: By appointment only.
  • Tuberculosis Clinic: By appointment only.
  • Vital Records: Death certificate and birth certificate pickup available on a walk-in basis during business hours.
  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC): By appointment only.
BUSINESS OFFICE/FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 703-228-1600 for payments and account inquires

The Business Office will be closed to the public during the Covid-19 emergency. Please call the phone number above and leave a detailed message and someone will return your call promptly during normal business hours (Monday – Friday; 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). To make a payment, please choose one of the options below. A receipt will be mailed to you via US Mail:

Payment By US Mail: Please mail your payment to:

  • Department of Human Services
    Financial Management Bureau
    2100 Washington Blvd., 4th Floor
    Arlington, VA 22204
  • Please include:
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Address
    • Customer Phone Number and/or email address
    • Account Number
    • Program Name

Credit Card Payment

  • Please call 703-228-1600 Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and leave a voice message indicating you’d like to make a credit card payment. A staff member will return your call promptly to schedule a call-back appointment on Friday to make your payment.

On-site Drop Box Payment

  • Please use the drop box located at the entrance to Sequoia Plaza 1 (2100 Washington Blvd.)
  • Please seal your payment in an envelope and make sure you include:
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Address
    • Customer Phone Number and/or email address
    • Account Number
    • Program Name