System of Care

"Better Together"

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What is a System of Care?

System of Care is a range of effective, community-based services and supports for children with or at risk for mental health or other challenges to help them to function better in home, school, and the community and throughout life.

Our Mission

We are here to create collaboration by building bridges, breaking down barriers, and linking with agencies and programs across all boundaries for integrated care for every child and family.

Our Vision

We are “Better Together”. We see an Arlington community that supports family-driven care where all stakeholders have equal partnership and shared accountability to support children and families in reaching their full potential.

We Value

  • Being Youth-Centered and Family-Focused
  • Services remaining Community-Based
  • Ensuring Culturally and Linguistically Competent supports are available
  • Providing an Array of Services
  • Care being Individualized for each child and family
  • Building meaningful connections with Families and Youth as Full Partners
  • Services and Supports Coordinated with Accountability
  • Young children and families offered Early Identification and Intervention
  • Smooth Transitions through the journey of services
  • The Rights of youth and families being Protected
  • Effective Advocacy from all team members for all
  • Ensuring services and programs are Equitable

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon: Our very first Trauma-Informed Community Network (TICN)

Who’s Who in System of Care

Shari Lyons, System of Care Manager: Ms. Lyons oversees the program and staff and ensures you receive the best customer service possible. You can reach her at 703-228-1675 or

Jennifer Hykin, Utilization Review Coordinator: Ms. Hykin ensures children receive the high-quality services they deserve. You can reach her at 703-228-1585 or

Jennifer Van Ee, System of Care Management Analyst: Ms. Van Ee takes a closer look at the program and lifts children and families' experiences to help children get the best possible services. You can reach her at 703-228-1610 or

Patrice Elmore, Utilization Review Coordinator: Ms. Elmore ensures children receive the high-quality services they deserve. You can reach her at 703-228-1670 or