Arlington Resilience Community

"Better Together"

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What is the Arlington Resilience Community?

ARC is a group of individuals representing diverse perspectives across neighborhoods and sectors throughout the community who leverage the science of adverse childhood experiences and trauma to build relationships, convene regularly, and advance a common agenda around resilience.

Our Mission

We are here to create community resiliencegrounded cross-sector collaboration, and mobilizing action with agencies, programs, and community members from all backgrounds to create and sustain trauma-informed care for all.

Our Vision

We see an Arlington community that understands trauma and invests in mitigating its’ effects by creating trauma-informed and trauma-responsive circles of support that give voice to those impacted by traumatic events.

We Believe In

  • Cross-Sector Collaboration to address complex matters
  • Providing infrastructure through Back Bone Organization with Strong Leadership
  • Being grounded in purpose through a Common Vision
  • Equitable Membership and Authentic Engagement to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Forward progress through Governance Structure
  • Moving beyond a common vision to Shared Activities
  • Clear measures of success with Established Measurement Practices
  • Continuous Communication that is consistent, frequent, and genuine


For More Information

Please email Shari Lyons, System of Care Manager at or call 703-228-1675.