New: Family Assessment and Planning Team Tip-Sheet for Remote Meetings

Children’s Services Act (CSA)

This program, which is mandated by state law, prevents adverse consequences from the inappropriate care of young people, including youth from dysfunctional families and youth with severe emotional and behavioral problems. The program provides services to strengthen the family and, when necessary, to provide care for children outside their homes.

The CSA is a Virginia law designed to help troubled youths and their families with specific challenges.

The CSA creates a collaborative system of services and funding that is:

  • Child-centered
  • Family-focused
  • Community-based
  • Cost-effective

Family Assessment and Planning Team

Arlington’s local CSA team is called the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT).

The FAPT is a multidisciplinary team that considers the needs and strengths of youths and families, identifies and reviews the service plan, and makes recommendations to ensure the plan builds on the family’s strengths and needs.

The FAPT consists of parent representatives, private providers, and staff from the Department of Human Services (DHS) (includes behavioral health, health and social services), court service units and schools.


The program serves youth who are Arlington residents under the age of 18 and:

  • Have serious emotional or behavioral challenges
  • Need resources beyond normal agency services
  • Require special education through private day schools as determined through the youth’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Require foster care services or services to prevent foster care placement
  • Are supervised by Arlington Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
  • Are wards of the Department of Juvenile Justice

Referral to FAPT

A case manager begins the referral process. Families can receive assistance with choosing a case manager from any agency (DHS, courts, schools) with which the youth is already connected.

FAPT Meetings

Joining with the parents, the treatment team presents information and recommendations to support the family’s needs. Parent participation is required. Parents may bring any person to the meeting who they believe will provide support to the youth and family.

All information provided to FAPT members is confidential.

Program Cost

Services are assessed on a sliding fee scale. Families are not denied services based on the inability to pay.