Developmental Services


The mission of Developmental Services is to maximize chosen outcomes for persons with developmental disabilities through service coordination and implementation in the most integrated community settings.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination assists individuals and their families with accessing appropriate services based on their needs and preferences. We provide Support Coordination to adults and children.  We promote maximum independence of Arlington County residents with developmental disabilities by helping individuals and their families access services that enable them to have choices within their lives, at home and in the community.

Residential Services

Residential Services offer community living options for individuals 18 years and older with the goal of maximizing independence. Options include respite, in-home, supervised apartments, group homes and community-based Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Employment, Habilitation and Transportation

Options include employment (group and individual support) and habilitation programs. These programs enable adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to prepare for and engage in meaningful employment and/or training to increase their functional skills and self-sufficiency. Transportation enables individuals unable to use public transportation to attend their employment or habilitation services.