Employment and Habilitation Options

Once an individual is found eligible for services, the assigned support coordinator will provide information and referrals to various day support and/or employment programs located in the Northern Virginia area.  These programs enable adults with developmental disabilities to prepare for and engage in meaningful employment and/or training to increase their functional skills and self-sufficiency.

Individual Supported Employment

This is employment that occurs in a traditional competitive work setting, with the individual paid directly by the employer. However, there is the addition of one-on-one support, provided by a job coach as needed. When first hired the person may need continual supports, which fade over time, so that s/he performs, job tasks independently most of the time. Ongoing support, if needed, may include job-site training, counseling, and advocacy as needed to maintain employment. These are outlined in a person centered plan.

Group Supported Employment

This type of employment offers the continuous support of a non-profit agency’s job coach, to no more than eight people with a disability at any given time. It promotes interactions with the general public and with co-workers who do not have a disability. These may occur at the same work site throughout the day, or the work crew may travel to various sites daily. Participants are paid by the provider organization.

Day Support

Day Support services are available from a variety of non-profit agencies and provide activities and training to maintain or enhance functional skills as well as providing opportunities for community access. Components of these services are: socialization, self-care and hygiene, eating, toileting, task learning and completion, medication management, use of community resources and transportation. Services may be provided in a center-based setting or in the community, and are detailed in a person centered plan for each person enrolled.