Security Precautions

For safety and security reasons, and to ensure the integrity of the judicial process, cell and smart phones are not permitted in the Judicial Center, except for courthouse equipment and the exempt groups listed in the Local Rules and Preferred Practices as summarized below.

Everyone entering the building is required to pass through a metal detector. All possessions must pass through an X-ray machine.

Electronic Devices Not permitted in Courthouse (see exempted groups below)

The following devices are not permitted in the Courthouse (see exempted groups below and Local Rules and Preferred Practices):

  • Cell and smart phones
  • Laptops
  • Electronic tablets
  • iPads or iPods
  • Pagers
  • Personal data assistants
  • Tape recorders
  • Photographic or video equipment (cameras, video recording, etc.)
  • Electronic communication devices
  • Sharp objects such as knives and scissors
  • Glass bottles and aerosol cans
  • Weapons, pepper spray and mace

Storage lockers are available offsite in the Detention Facility lobby, across from the Courthouse at 1435 N. Courthouse Rd. There are three locker sizes that cost between 25 to 75 cents.

Exempted Groups Permitted Electronic Devices

The following groups are exempt from the prohibition against possessing the electronic devices described above while in the Arlington County Courthouse (Judicial Center):

  • Judicial officers.
  • Active members of the Virginia Bar in good standing who present a valid government-issued photo identification and a validly issued Virginia State Bar membership card, and active members of a foreign state’s bar (see Local Rules and Preferred Practices).
  • Individuals permitted by law or otherwise approved by an Arlington County Judge governing the judge’s courtroom and court proceeding.
  • Current County employees with a valid Arlington Sheriff-issued or County-issued photo ID card.
  • Current local, state, or federal law enforcement officers on official business with valid current government-issued photo ID.
  • Certain building and maintenance tradesmen, equipment repairmen, and vendors who do not pose a security risk who are at the courthouse to employ their trade (see Local Rules and Preferred Practices).
  • Court reporter or land record title searcher who requested and received an exemption from the Arlington County Sheriff (list maintained by Sheriff’s Office).
  • Juror who possesses a valid juror summons or badge (cannot be used to record, photograph or otherwise transmit or communicate any court proceeding) which can only be used in the Jury Assembly Room or Law Library. JURORS PERMITTED TO BRING DEVICES ONLY AFTER SHOWING A VALID JUROR SUMMONS OR BADGE TO SECURITY. The Jury Assembly Room has WiFi. Violations may result in confiscation, ejection from the courthouse, and/or contempt proceedings.

Upon violation in a courtroom, the Court may confiscate any devices for a period of time determined by the presiding judge to ensure no further interference with court proceedings and will determine necessary action. The Chief Judge will determine necessary action for such violations outside the courtrooms.