A petition Child in Need of Services and/or Supervision (CHINS) is a legal recourse for schools, parents, and social services to provide minors and their families a service needed to address school truancy, behavior and mental health issues or habitual runaway behavior. Contact Intake for more information or to learn about the Diversion program. 



Truancy petitions are filed by the school Attendance Officer when there is a high number of unexcused absences from school by a minor. 




Services petitions are filed for a court hearing, these hearings are at least 21 days after the filing. These petitions are filed when the child’s behavior, conduct or condition presents a serious threat to the safety of the child or other persons.


For Urgent Mental Health Emergency Services, call (703) 228 – 5160.   



Runaway or Supervision petitions are brought forward when a child habitually leaves their home or lawful placement without permission and this behavior is a threat to their life or health. Parents or guardians should always contact police to report the child as a runaway.