Jury Fraud Alert

Jury and Court scams

The Clerk of the Circuit Court has received several phone calls concerning a jury duty scam. The callers have mentioned both regular jury and grand jury service, and state that an individual has failed to appear, and must pay money immediately to avoid being arrested. In at least one instance, the caller has referred to Judge Newman, the Chief Judge of our Court. THIS IS A SCAM. Please DO NOT provide anyone that calls you regarding jury service with your bank account number, credit card number, or social security number. Courts and law enforcement never demand payment over the phone.

Communications from the Clerk’s office regarding jury service will generally come by mail or email.  If there is an issue with jury service, you will receive a communication from our Jury Coordinator. We will never ask you to pay money. If you receive one of these calls, please file an online police report, call the Alternative Reporting Unit at 703-228-4300, or contact the Jury Coordinator at 703-228-3124 so the information can be forwarded to the Arlington County Police Department.

Further, there have been additional scams reported, where callers are posing as court personnel and demanding money. Please review the public advisory from the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Virginia Supreme Court.