Victim Notification

Victims of crime have the right to ask that they be notified of an inmate’s release from incarceration, or about the outcome of an appeal decision.  

Certain forms must be completed and the victim must be sure to provide a current address and telephone number if the contact information changes.  The Arlington Victim/Witness Program can help you complete any of the forms listed below:

Status of Release of Defendants or Prisoners

You must provide the Sheriff or the Virginia Department of Corrections your name, current address, and telephone number in writing.  You will be notified of a defendant’s release, escape, transfer, legal change of name, or discharge from custody.

If the defendant is serving a local sentence in the Arlington County Detention Facility (usually under 12 months in jail), a form must be filed with the Arlington Sheriff’s Office.

If the defendant is a state prisoner, a Victim Notification Form must be completed and mailed to the Victim Services Division of the Virginia Department of Corrections.  Additional information is needed, such as the prisoner’s name, date of sentencing, and type of offense.

Appeals to the Virginia Court of Appeals or Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus

As the victim in a case, you can be notified if and when an appeal to the Court of Appeals of Virginia is considered, or a when a habeas corpus petition has been filed.

You must fill out and submit a Victim Information Sheet (Spanish) to the Victim Notification Program in the Virginia Office of the Attorney General.

You may contact the Attorney General’s Office by telephone at 800-370-0459.