Community Outreach

The criminal justice system works best when it has earned the confidence of the community it serves, and when the community can offer its own insight into services needed, and effective and responsible means of handling crime and justice in the community.  To this end, Commonwealth's Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti engages regularly with the community she serves. She attends public meetings, participates in community events, and is deeply committed to including the community in her decisions.

The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney under Parisa Dehghani-Tafti created a Community Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB serves as a community liaison, provides input on reforms ideas, analyzes policy for equity impact, and keeps the community informed of the office’s goals and objectives. The CAB consists of 10-15 residents of Arlington County and the City of Falls Church, and it meets regularly with the Commonwealth Attorney.


Community Advisory Board Members, August 2022

  • Ankita Patnaik
  • Bridget Obikoya
  • Carol L. Burnett
  • Clark Neily
  • Corey Barton
  • DeLishia A. Davis
  • Donna C. Owens
  • Ellen R. Shultz
  • Eric Lotke
  • Gregory John
  • Kent Carter
  • Peter Rousselot
  • Rishi Nangia
  • Suzanne M. Dunn


If you have further questions regarding the Community Advisory Board, please email