Resolutions Adopted by the County Board

Resolution Defining and Addressing Antisemitism
(PDF, 103KB)
Adopted June 21, 2022

Resolution on the Naming of John Robinson, Jr. Town Square(PDF, 103KB)
Adopted May 7, 2022

Resolution in Support of Ivano-Frankivsk(PDF, 120KB)
Adopted February 28, 2022

Resolution to Honor the Arlington County Military(PDF, 108KB)
Adopted November 16, 2021

Capital Trails Coalition Goals Resolution(PDF, 123KB)
Adopted September 18, 2021

Resolution on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing(PDF, 88KB)
Adopted September 15, 2020

Special Election Resolution(PDF, 116KB)
Adopted April 30, 2020

Biophilic City Resolution(PDF, 178KB)
Adopted December 17, 2019

Equity Resolution(PDF, 49KB)
Adopted September 21, 2019

Jefferson Davis Highway Renaming Request Resolution
(PDF, 111KB)
Adopted April 25, 2019

Housing Arlington Resolution(PDF, 16KB)
Adopted March 19, 2019

Resolution Directing the County Manager to Remove the Current Residential Permit Parking Restrictions in Zone 24
Adopted January 26, 2019

Resolution Regarding Naming the Route 27 Bridge over Route 110 as the “Arlington Veterans Bridge”(PDF, 172KB)
Adopted July 17, 2018

Resolution Adopting the Debris Management Plan(PDF, 111KB)
Adopted July 17, 2018

Resolution Authorizing Application to the Commonwealth of Virginia for the 2018 Smart Scale Program(PDF, 114KB)
Adopted July 14, 2018

Resolution Authorizing Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization's (CPRO) Participation in the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Commercial District Affiliate Program(PDF, 106KB)
Adopted February 27, 2018

Climate Action Resolution(PDF, 68KB)
Adopted June 20, 2017

Driver’s License Resolution(PDF, 73KB)
Adopted June 21, 2016

Resolution Regarding the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Transform66: Inside the Beltway Project and Memorandum of Agreement Between the Commonwealth and the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission(PDF, 111KB)
Adopted November 19, 2015

Zero Waste Resolution
Adopted November 19, 2015

Resolution Concerning the Health Threat of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria(PDF, 134KB)
Adopted November 17, 2015

Resolution Commending the Washington NFL Football Team and Requesting a Name Change
Adopted May 19, 2015

Resolution in Support of Fair Nonpartisan Redistricting
Adopted September 23, 2014

Resolution Regarding Naming the Interstate 395 Bridge Over Glebe Road for Virginia State Trooper Jacqueline Vernon(PDF, 127KB)
Adopted September 23, 2014 / Revised and Adopted September 30, 2014

Resolution Concerning Horizontal Fracturing in the George Washington National Forest
Adopted June 17, 2014

Resolution Urging the General Assembly to Increase Access for Uninsured and Return Virginia Taxpayer Dollars to Virginia
Adopted March 25, 2014

Resolution Advancing New Public Safety Technology In Construction Within Arlington County
Adopted October 22, 2013

Resolution Promoting Community Safety 
Adopted September 28, 2010

Resolution on the Prohibition of the Purchase of Bottled Water by the Arlington County Government(PDF, 149KB)
Adopted June 16, 2009

Resolution Supporting Arlington’s Newcomers
Adopted 2007