Treemonisha Day

WHEREAS, in 1970 when Catherine Filene Shouse, founder of Wolf Trap Farm Park, contacted Opera NOVA about her vision that America’s cultural heritage would be presented to public school students; and

WHEREAS, Opera NOVA has performed an annual opera for Arlington school children for 45 years as a result; and

WHEREAS, Treemonisha is believed to be the first truly American opera; and

WHEREAS, this uniquely American opera was not performed for 60 years because of the notion that an African-American, Scott Joplin – known as the King of Ragtime – could not possibly compose an opera; and

WHEREAS, Opera NOVA is the first opera company to bring this opera to the children of Arlington and Northern Virginia;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jay Fisette, Chair of the County Board of Arlington, Virginia, do hereby proclaim March 4, 2017 as


Jay Fisette, Chair

in Arlington County and urge the citizens of Arlington to participate and enjoy, through Opera NOVA, the cultural wealth that we share.