Mt Olive Older Americans Month

WHEREAS, May is the month in which Arlington County pays special tribute to the 30,000 Arlington residents age 60 and over who richly contribute to our community; and

WHEREAS, Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1601 South Thirteenth Road, Arlington, VA 22204 includes a congregation of older Americans who deserve recognition for their contributions to our nation; and

WHEREASMount Olive Baptist Church recognizes that older adults are “Aging Out Loud” – advocating for themselves, their peers, and their communities – paving the way for future generations; and

WHEREAS, Mount Olive Baptist Church is committed to raising awareness about issues facing older Americans and helping all individuals to thrive in communities of their choice for as long as possible; and

WHEREAS, we acknowledge that what it means “to age” has changed – for the better; and

WHEREAS, Arlington County is committed to supporting older adults as they take charge of their health, explore new opportunities and activities, and focus on independence; and

WHEREAS, Arlington County provides opportunities to enrich the lives of individuals of all ages by:

  • involving older adults in the redefinition of aging in our community;
  • promoting home and community-based services that support independent living;
  • encouraging older adults to speak up for themselves and others; and
  • providing opportunities for older adults to share their experiences;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Jay Fisette, Chair of the County Board of Arlington, Virginia, do hereby proclaim the month of May 2017 as


in Arlington County, and I commend Mount Olive Baptist Church for their ongoing efforts to acknowledge older adults – and the people who serve them – as influential and vital parts of our community.

Jay Fisette, Chair