Monarch Pledge Day

WHEREAS, Monarch butterflies and other pollinator species are essential partners in producing much of our food supply; and

WHEREAS, Monarch butterflies and other pollinator species provide significant environmental benefits that are necessary for maintaining healthy, biodiverse urban and suburban ecosystems; and

WHEREAS, pollination plays a vital role for the trees and plants of our community, enhancing our quality of life, and creating recreational and economic development opportunities; and

WHEREAS, for decades Arlington County has managed urban landscapes and public lands, as well as wildlife habitats with native plantings including milkweed; and

WHEREAS, Arlington County mindfully removes invasive plants and encourage other to do so to make it possible to re-establish native plants, including milkweed and nectar plants to the landscape; and

WHEREAS, Arlington County provides recommendations to developers and residents regarding landscaping to promote wise conservation stewardship, including the protection of pollinators and maintenance of their habitats in urban and suburban environments; and

WHEREAS, Arlington County is joining other municipalities in participating in the National Wildlife Federation’s Monarch Pledge to create habitat and educate citizens about how they can support monarchs and other pollinators at home;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Libby Garvey, Chair of the County Board of Arlington, Virginia do hereby proclaim June 21, 2016 as


in Arlington County to demonstrate Arlington’s continuing commitment to Monarch butterflies and other pollinator species.