First Annual Arlington Centenarians Celebration

WHEREAS, Arlington County values the importance of older adults, placing distinctive emphasis and recognition on our Centenarian adults, ages 100 and better, admiring and lauding the spirit, inspiration, and endurance represented by our oldest residents; and

WHEREAS, our Centenarians are a living link to our history, and valued members of our families and communities; and

WHEREAS, Arlington County appreciates the vast achievements of these pillars of our community, from their impact through their careers to their influence on their families and community, and applaud these individuals for their past, present and future contributions; and

WHEREAS, we encourage and support their tenacity to remain engaged in our community, sharing their wisdom and experiences with different generations, and volunteering to contribute their time toward making Arlington a better place for all; and

WHEREAS, Arlington County is a great place to live for all ages, and we use this event to recognize our most senior and esteemed group, paying tribute to their greatness and legacy;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Libby Garvey, Chair of the County Board of Arlington, Virginia, do hereby proclaim the   


in Arlington to recognize, celebrate and honor our Centenarians for their contributions to our community, and I urge all residents, inspired by their example,  to assume active roles of engagement for the betterment of our community and society at large.