Arab American Heritage Month

WHEREAS, for over a century, Arab Americans have made valuable contributions to every aspect of American society in medicine, law, business, technology, government and culture; and

WHEREAS, since immigrating to America, men and women of Arab descent have shared their rich culture and traditions with neighbors and friends, and have set fine examples of being model citizens and public servants; and

WHEREAS, Arab Americans bring to America strong family values, a resilient work ethic, fierce dedication to education, and a diversity in faith and creed that strengthens our great democracy; and

WHEREAS, Arab Americans have also enriched our society by sharing in the American spirit of opportunity that makes our nation free and prosperous; and

WHEREAS, the history of Arab Americans in American life often remains ignored or maligned through misunderstanding, bigotry, and anti-Arab hate in the forms of crimes and speech; and

WHEREAS, Arab American concerns such as civil rights abuses, harmful stereotyping, discrimination and bullying must be combatted through education, awareness and understanding; and

WHEREAS, Arab Americans join all Americans in the desire to live in a peaceful and diverse society, where every individual is treated equally and feels safe; and

WHEREAS, Arab Americans are proud of their heritage and the many contributions they have made towards building a better and inclusive nation;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jay Fisette, Chair of the County Board of Arlington, Virginia celebrate the contributions Arab Americans have made to society, and do hereby claim April 2017 to be


in Arlington County and urge all citizens to join and support the County’s celebration of the rich heritage of our Arab American residents.

Jay Fisette, Chair