Commissioner of Revenue Contacts

Appointments are being accepted for the Business Division, DMV Select, Vehicle Personal Property Division, and the Compliance and State Income Tax Division.


Phone: 703-228-3033

Fax: 703-228-7048

Customer Advocate

Phone: 703-228-4810

Fax: 703-228-7048

Business Tax Division

The Business Division is open to the public for walk-ins and for appointments Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 5:00 pm.   

To schedule an appointment with the Business Tax Division, click the button below:

Make an Appointment

Phone: 703-228-3060

Custodial Taxes (Meal, Bank Franchise, Cigarette, Short-Term Rental and Transient Occupancy Taxes)

DMV Select

This DMV Select Office is open to the public for walk-ins and for appointments Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  However, all title transactions (limit of 2 per customer) must be completed by 3:45 p.m.

For appointments, DMV Select customers are able to book a half-hour in-person appointment.  Additional time may be requested. Cancellations must be made at least one business day in advance. 

All title transactions will require an appointment. Title transactions will be limited to 2 transactions per appointment.  To schedule an appointment with the DMV Select, click the button below:

Make an Appointment

No appointments are required for other transactions, including:

Registration renewals, 

Handicapped placards, 

License plate surrender, 

Address changes or 

E-Z Passes. 

Please Note: This Select office cannot issue Driver’s Licenses (including Medical Cards for CDL’s), Photo IDs, Vital Records documents, process insurance verifications, or process Online and Franchise Dealership work.

Vehicle Personal Property Tax Division

Phone: 703-228-3135

Fax: 703-228-7581

Compliance and State Income Tax

Phone: 703-228-4017

Fax: 703-228-3148


Report a Vehicle Tax Evader

The Commissioner of Revenue’s Taxpayer Improvement Program Service (TIPS) identifies and collects taxes from apparent tax evaders, including those who evade vehicle personal property taxes.

To report a vehicle, choose one of these options:

  • Call the Commissioner of Revenue’s 24-hour hotline at 703-228-3030 and provide the following information (anonymously, if you prefer):
    • The vehicle’s license plate number and state
    • The address where the vehicle is normally parked or garaged, if possible
  • Submit the online report
  • Print and complete the Vehicle Tax Anonymous Tips Form and fax the form to 703-228-3148 or mail it to:

Commissioner of Revenue
Compliance Division
2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Window 210
Arlington, VA 22201