FAQs — Police Practices Group

About the Police Practice Group (PPG) 

  • Overview of the PPG
  • Members of the PPG?  Who are the ex-officio members of the PPG?
  • Why do we need a PPG?

PPG External Assessment of ACPD 

  • About the PPG External Assessment

Mental Health and Policing 

  • Introduction to the Mental Health Subcommittee
  • How will the Mental Health Subcommittee explore alternative options to police when responding to a mental health crisis?

Traffic Enforcement and Policing 

  • Introduction to the Traffic Enforcement Subcommittee
  • Will the PPG look at the use of traffic surveillance tools to assist with police traffic enforcement?

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

  • Introduction to the Alternative Dispute Subcommittee
  • What tools might be explored by the Alternative Dispute Committee?
  • What is restorative justice?
  • Examples of restorative justice?

Civilian Review Boards 

  • Introduction to the Civilian Review Board Subcommittee
  • What authority will the Civilian Review Board have and will it be transparent, inclusive and diverse?
  • Is there any guidance from the Commonwealth of VA on civilian review boards?

Exploring the Data in the PPG Process 

  • What types of data will be included in the   PPG assessment?
  • Are there some standards or organizations that sent standards for basic accountability in policing?
  • How will the PPG look at racial disparities in our community?

Other Topics

Next Steps for PPG

  • How can the public participate in the PPG?
  • What’s the final deliverable of the PPG?
  • What does success look like for the PPG?