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Constituent Inquiries

The County Board receives inquiries related to a variety of issues - often, the fastest way to resolve a new issue is through the appropriate county department or via the Report a Problem tool. If your issue remains unresolved or needs to be escalated further, feel free to contact the County Board Office directly.


Open Door Mondays

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Open Door Mondays offer Arlingtonians an opportunity to speak one-on-one, or in small groups, with a County Board Member in an informal setting. Board Members take turns hosting Open Door Mondays throughout the year.

You may bring any issue to discuss at Open Door Mondays. While there are no specific time limits on your discussion, we ask that you be considerate of those waiting to speak by being brief and to the point. 

The Board Member who is hosting will speak to everyone on a first-come-first-served basis, according to the order registrations were received. Sometimes the Board Member will be speaking to a group of people who have come to talk about the same issue. You can listen in, or contribute your thoughts, if appropriate.

  • Virtual Open Door Mondays are held from 7 PM – 8:30 PM every Monday, excluding County holidays, the fifth Monday of each month, and during the months of August and December.
  • On the day of the session, please follow the link or dial the number provided in your registration email to join the meeting. No special software is required – you will be directed to the meeting in your internet browser. Please enter your name when prompted so we know you are in the “room.”
  • Please note – you may be placed on a brief hold until the meeting begins at 7 PM. Once you have joined the meeting, please mute your microphone using the buttons in the meeting window or via the controls on your phone until you are called upon to speak.

Thank you for interest in speaking with a County Board Member. We look forward to hearing from you! 

For more information, or to request reasonable accommodations (including interpretation), Call 703-228-3130

Advisory Groups

Some 50 standing advisory groups provide input to the Arlington County Board on a variety of issues. From time to time, the Board also creates ad hoc committees and task forces for limited terms to focus on projects of immediate concern. At every January Organizational meeting, the Board designates a County Board liaison(PDF, 84KB) to each commission.

A number of groups also provide guidance to the County Manager on specific topics. Every meeting of each County advisory group is open to the public.

Arlington County government relies on the hard work of its many civic-minded volunteer commissioners to help it make decisions that benefit our community.  We thank each commissioner for his or her service, and we invite you to apply for appointment to a commission.

Apply to a Commission


Community Organizations

Arlington County's Office of Communications and Public Engagement (CAPE) Maintains the following lists. We need your help to keep these lists current - email any updates to the CAPE Team.