Arlington County Code

Note: Not all Code Chapters are current.  
For a true copy of the Code, contact the County Board Clerk or call 703-228-3130

Chapter Title
1 General Provisions(PDF, 25KB)
2 Animals and Fowl(PDF, 177KB)
3 Building Code(PDF, 132KB)
4 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
5 Cemeteries(PDF, 11KB)
6 Civil Service(PDF, 359KB)
7 Electrical Code(PDF, 135KB)
8 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
8.1 Fire Prevention Code(PDF, 764KB)
9 Reserved(PDF, 9KB)
9.2 Food and Handling Code(PDF, 139KB)
10 Trash, Recycling, and Care of Premises(PDF, 441KB)
11 Licenses(PDF, 400KB)
12 Smoking(PDF, 86KB)
13 Missiles(PDF, 89KB)
14 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
14.2 Motor Vehicles and Traffic(PDF, 715KB)
14.3 Towing and Storage of Vehicles(PDF, 142KB)
15 Noise Control(PDF, 141KB)
16 Nursing Homes and Child Care Agencies(PDF, 76KB)
17 Miscellaneous Offenses and Provisions(PDF, 125KB)
18 Plumbing and Gas Code(PDF, 110KB)
19 Property Seized by Police(PDF, 17KB)
20 Real Estate Assessments(PDF, 268KB)
21 Retirement Systems(PDF, 353KB)
22 Street Development and Construction(PDF, 139KB)
23 Subdivisions(PDF, 163KB)
24 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
24.1 Water Recreation Facilities(PDF, 503KB)
25 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
25.1 Taxicabs(PDF, 362KB)
26 Utilities(PDF, 150KB)
26.1 Wastewater Pretreatment(PDF, 488KB)
27 Miscellaneous Ordinances(PDF, 170KB)
28 Bank Stock Tax(PDF, 21KB)
29 Building Maintenance Standards(PDF, 116KB)
30 Peddlers, Vendors and Canvassers(PDF, 117KB)
31 Human Rights(PDF, 208KB)
32 Bank Franchise Tax(PDF, 71KB)
33 Security Alarms(PDF, 130KB)
34 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
35 Arlington County School Board Employees’ Supplemental Retirement System(PDF, 277KB)
36 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
37 Relocation Assistance in Real Property Acquisitions(PDF, 92KB)
38 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
38.1 Water Supply Emergencies(PDF, 39KB)
39 Cigarette Tax(PDF, 117KB)
40 Transient Occupancy Tax(PDF, 96KB)
41 Disposable Plastic Bag Tax(PDF, 139KB)
41.2 Cable Television Communications(PDF, 424KB)
42 Reserved(PDF, 8KB)
43 Real Estate Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled(PDF, 109KB)
44 Housing Grants for Needy Persons(PDF, 35KB)
45 Inoperative Statutes and Condominium Conversion(PDF, 114KB)
46 Chapter 46 Employees Supplemental Retirement System II(PDF, 420KB)
47 Deferred Compensation Plan(PDF, 81KB)
48 Floodplain Management(PDF, 303KB)
49 Reserved(PDF, 9KB)
50 Consumer Protection(PDF, 13KB)
51 Reserved(PDF, 9KB)
52 Child Care Centers(PDF, 267KB)
53 Auxiliary Police Force(PDF, 67KB)
54 Fuel Tax(PDF, 12KB)
55 Underground Utility Protection(PDF, 104KB)
56 Obscenity(PDF, 80KB)
57 Erosion and Sediment Control(PDF, 173KB)
58 Emergency Management(PDF, 13KB)
59 Family Day Care Homes(PDF, 147KB)
60 Stormwater Management(PDF, 246KB)
61 Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance(PDF, 225KB)
62 Pawnbrokers and Dealers in Secondhand Articles(PDF, 206KB)
63 Utility Tax(PDF, 166KB)
64 Short-Term Rental Tax(PDF, 99KB)
65 Meals, Food and Beverage Taxation(PDF, 104KB)
66 Technology Zones(PDF, 141KB)
67 Trees and Shrubs(PDF, 134KB)
68 Clean Energy Financing Ordinance(PDF, 310KB)
69 Law Enforcement Oversight Board and Independent Policing Auditor(PDF, 156KB)
70 Encroachments Into Public Spaces(PDF, 799KB)