Transportation Commission

NOTICE: As of February 2023, Transportation Commission meetings are hybrid—held in-person and available online through Microsoft Teams—but no longer livestreamed on cable television and YouTube.  Meeting recordings will be archived for later viewing.

The Transportation Commission advises the County Board on issues related to Arlington’s streets, transit systems, pedestrian traffic, taxicabs and bicycles, as well as how each of these relate to the Master Transportation Plan.

The commission was formed in 1972 and is comprised of no fewer than seven members and no more than 13 members. The members are appointed by the County Board to three-year terms, and the chairman is designated by the County Board annually. Transportation Commission members


The next Transportation Commission meeting will be held on Thursday, May 25, 7 p.m.

A hybrid meeting (usually) in the County Board Room at the Bozman Government Center, 2100 Clarendon Blvd and available virtually through the County Microsoft Teams platform. 

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Learn more on how to participate in a Transportation Commission session, including how to share written comments and reserve time to speak through Teams.

Meeting Materials/Archives

2023 Meetings

Date: Jan.5

(PDF, 60KB)Agenda(PDF, 82KB) | Meeting Video

Date: Feb. 2

(PDF, 60KB)(PDF, 82KB)Agenda(PDF, 83KB) | Meeting Video

Date: March 2

Agenda(PDF, 72KB) | Meeting Video

Date:  March 30

Agenda(PDF, 98KB) | Meeting Video


Date: April 27

Agenda(PDF, 93KB) | Meeting Video


Date:  May 25

Agenda(PDF, 102KB) | Meeting Video

  1. Arlington Career Center Use Permit (Action)
  2. Crystal Towers 3 Site Plan (Action)
  3. Ordinance of Vacation to vacate a 10-foot-wide public alley located between North Randolph Street and North Quincy Street, adjacent to 501 & 505 N. Randolph St. and 4011-4019 5th Rd. N., RPC Nos. 14-060-001, -002, -003, -004, -005, -040, -041, -055, -056, with conditions. (Action)
  4. South George Mason Drive Study (Information)
  5. Future of Outdoor Dining (FOOD) Study (Information)
  6. FY2023 Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Application (Action)
  7. State and Regional Grant Updates (Information) 


Date:  June 29

Date:  Sep. 7

Date:  Sep. 28

Date:  Oct. 26

Date:  Nov. 30


2022 Meetings

Date: Jan.6 

Agenda(PDF, 60KB) | Meeting Video


Date: Jan. 27

Agenda(PDF, 82KB) | Meeting Video


Date: March 3

Agenda(PDF, 82KB) | Meeting Video

  • VDOT SMART SCALE Round 5 Pre-Application – Information


Date: March 28

Agenda(PDF, 83KB) | Meeting Video

Date: April 28

Agenda(PDF, 77KB) | Meeting Video

Date: June 02

Agenda(PDF, 80KB) | Meeting Video

Date: June 30

Agenda(PDF, 79KB) | Meeting Video

Date: August 4, 2022

Agenda(PDF, 72KB) | Meeting Video

Date: Sept. 01

Agenda(PDF, 75KB) | Meeting Video

Date: Sept. 29

Agenda(PDF, 81KB) | Meeting Video

  • Rosslyn Bike Infrastructure Update - Information

Date: Oct. 27

Agenda(PDF, 79KB) | Meeting Video

Date: Dec. 01

Agenda(PDF, 83KB) | Meeting Video

2021 Meetings

Date : Jan. 7

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : Jan. 25

Joint Planning Commission-Transportation Commission meeting on Parking | Meeting recording

Date : Feb. 4

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : March 4

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : April 1

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : April 29

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : May 27

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : July 1

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : Sept. 2

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : Sept. 30

Agenda | Meeting recording

Date : Oct. 28

Agenda(PDF, 77KB) | Meeting recording

Date : Nov. 22

Agenda(PDF, 30KB) | Meeting recording
























Transportation Commission meetings from 2016 to 2020 are archived here.