SPRC Members

The Arlington County Planning Commission reviews site plans and major site plan amendment requests at their monthly public hearings. The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) is a standing committee of the Planning Commission charged with facilitating the public review of special-exception site plan applications.  

SPRC Chair: Tenley Peterson 

Before a site plan project is considered by the commission, it is reviewed by a site plan review committee sub-group whose membership is created to review a specific site plan project. The SPRC sub-group is made up of a sub-group project chair, who is a member of the Planning Commission, Planning Commissioners, and representatives from relevant county commissions, advisory boards, civic associations, and property associations adjacent to the project.

The roster of each SPRC sub-group is determined by the SPRC project chair based on the needs of a particular project and adopted by the Planning Commission at their monthly public hearings. Sub-group membership may not change during the course of a project unless the adopted SPRC sub-group roster is amended by the Planning Commission.  SPRC sub-group membership may include representatives from the following organizations: 

Project-Specific SPRC Sub-Group Standard Roster:

  • Planning Commissioners (all members)
    • A Commission member will be designated as the Chair of the sub-group (1 member)
  • Transportation Commission (1 member)
  • Housing Commission (1 member)
  • Park and Recreation Commission (1 member)
  • Forestry and Natural Resources Commission (1 member)
  • Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (1 member)
  • Disability Advisory Commission (1 member)
  • Economic Development Commission (1 member)
  • Climate Change, Energy and Environment Commission (1 member)
  • Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) (1 member)
  • Host Civic Association (1 member)
  • Civic Association(s), Condominium Owner’s Association(s), and Homeowner’s Association(s) directly abutting the block on which the project is located (1 member for each applicable group)
  • Other representatives as may be warranted on a case-by-case basis, including but not limited to:
    • Other County Board and/or County Manager appointed committees or commissions
    • Other citizen representatives or representatives from other stakeholder groups that may have an interest in the specific project
    • Alternate members (to participate in the absence of a primary sub-group member)