Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC)

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) of the Planning Commission provides comments and recommendations on tasks and processes related to land use & urban design, long range plans, the Comprehensive Plan, and the General Land Use Plan.

In fulfilling these responsibilities, the Committee will provide advice on proposed land use plans and policies including:

  • Draft sector plans and updates
  • Draft Phased Development Site Plans
  • Draft urban design guidelines
  • Proposed land use policies
  • Framing a long-term vision for the County and individual geographic areas

Members of the LRPC are Planning Commission members.

2022 Meetings and Engagement

Due to COVID-19, LRPC meeting schedules and format have changed. At this time, LRPC engagement will be held virtually, through live virtual meetings and other forms of digital/online engagement.

Date Topic Meeting Materials 

Jan. 26 at 7pm

Virtual LRPC Meeting

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How to View and Participate in a Virtual LRPC Meeting

Virtual LRPC meetings will be held through electronic communication means in compliance with the Code of Virginia and Arlington County’s Continuity of Operations Ordinance. All meetings are open to virtual attendance by the public and closed to in-person attendance.

  • Group members, staff, and public testimony will be hosted by teleconference/videoconference via Microsoft Teams.
  • Meeting access information will be provided on the Committee’s webpage at arlingtonva.us. (link will be posted in chart above prior to the meeting start)
  • Live captioning is available when using the Microsoft Teams App. Please download the free Microsoft Teams App onto your computer and test it prior to the meeting. You must be using the Teams App and be logged in in order to use the live captioning feature. For further instruction on how to join a Teams Meeting, you can visit the How to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting video.
  • Audio is available from the dial-in phone option.
  • A recording of the meeting will be posted to the Committee’s webpage two business days after the meeting.
  • To request translation services or other reasonable accommodations, contact the committee liaison, Timothy Murphy tmurphy@arlingtonva.us.