Park and Recreation Commission

Makes recommendations on coordination, efficiency, safety and quality of park and recreation facilities, programs and services; manages process for small park grants and various recognition’s.


Held every third or fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.:

Ellen M. Bozman Government Center
(Cherry Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Room #216, unless otherwise specified)
2100 Clarendon Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201

*Free parking is available in the garage after 5 p.m.

Arlington County can provide, upon request, reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. Call 703-228-0787.

2023 Meeting Schedule

Date Details Agenda Minutes Meeting Materials
Jan. 17

Hybrid Virtual Meeting & Bozman Government Center (BGC)

3rd Floor, Room 311

Agenda(PDF, 246KB)    Minutes(PDF, 172KB)  
 Feb. 23

Hybrid Joint PRC & Sports Commission

(Virtual Meeting & Lubber Run Community Center

300 N. Park Dr. - Hickory Multipurpose Room #121)

Agenda(PDF, 211KB) Minutes(PDF, 167KB)  
March 28  Virtual Meeting Only Agenda(PDF, 194KB)     Minutes(PDF, 161KB)  
April 18 Hybrid Virtual Meeting
(BGC, 2nd Floor, Room 216)
Agenda(PDF, 159KB) Minutes(PDF, 161KB)  
May 23 

Hybrid Virtual Meeting

(BGC, 2nd Floor, Room 216)            

Agenda(PDF, 199KB) Minutes(PDF, 174KB)   
June 20  Virtual Meeting Only Agenda(PDF, 192KB)    Minutes(PDF, 206KB)
July 18 

Hybrid Virtual Meeting

(BGC, 2nd Floor, Room 216)

Agenda(PDF, 214KB) Minutes(PDF, 162KB)
Aug. 15 Field Trip (Alcova Heights Park; 901 S. George Mason Dr.) at 6 p.m. Agenda(PDF, 196KB) Minutes(PDF, 138KB)  
Sept. 19 

Hybrid Virtual Meeting

(BGC, 3rd Floor, Room 318)

Agenda(PDF, 183KB)    Minutes(PDF, 177KB)
Oct. 24 Virtual Meeting Only Agenda(PDF, 164KB)  
Nov. 14

Hybrid Virtual Meeting

(BGC, 2nd Floor, Room 216) 

Agenda(PDF, 185KB)  
Dec. 12

Hybrid Virtual Meeting

(BGC, 2nd Floor, Room 216)

Agenda(PDF, 193KB)      

Previous Years Meeting Schedules

Date Room Agenda Minutes Meeting Materials
Jan. 18 Virtual (Microsoft Teams) Agenda(PDF, 229KB)    Minutes(PDF, 347KB)
Feb. 22 Virtual (Microsoft Teams) Agenda (Amended 02-22-22)(PDF, 213KB)     Minutes(PDF, 230KB)
March 15 Virtual (Microsoft Teams) Agenda(PDF, 202KB) Minutes(PDF, 346KB)
April 19 Virtual (Microsoft Teams) Agenda(PDF, 188KB)
Minutes(PDF, 386KB)
May 24

Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

Agenda(PDF, 265KB) Minutes(PDF, 366KB)  
June 28 Virtual (Microsoft Teams)  Agenda(PDF, 258KB) Minutes(PDF, 338KB)
July 26 Virtual (Microsoft Teams) Agenda(PDF, 238KB) Minutes(PDF, 353KB)
Aug. 23 Field Trip (Jennie Dean Park at 6 p.m.) Agenda(PDF, 156KB) Minutes(PDF, 126KB)  
Sept. 27 Hybrid Meeting (Virtual (Microsoft Teams) and Bozman Government Center (BGC), 2nd Floor, Room 216, Cherry Conference Room) Agenda(PDF, 260KB)   Minutes(PDF, 181KB)
Oct. 25 Virtual (Microsoft Teams) Agenda (Revised 10/20/22)(PDF, 217KB) Minutes(PDF, 168KB)
Nov. 15 Hybrid Meeting (Virtual (Microsoft Teams) and BGC, 7th Floor, Room 715) Agenda(PDF, 267KB) Minutes(PDF, 174KB)  
Dec. 13 Virtual (Microsoft Teams) Agenda(PDF, 287KB)      Minutes(PDF, 176KB)