PRC Members


The Commission shall be composed of 15 persons, representing a diverse mix of individuals with a range of expertise related to the PRC mission, as well as representing a geographic and demographic mix of citizens.

Members will be appointed for two-year terms, and with reappointment, shall be permitted to serve no more than six (6) consecutive years, unless the Board deems otherwise. All members serve at the pleasure of the Board.


Shruti Kuppa, Chair
Jill Barker, Vice Chair
Sarah Baryluk
Nelson Dimpter
Sergio Enriquez
Dean Foster
Colt Gregory
Peter Harnik
Gretchen Hickey
Neal Hunter
Mark Lincoln
Adam Rasmussen
Melissa Riggio
Alex (Boris) Sanders


Ex Officio Members

Vacant, NCAC Liaison
Elizabeth Gearin, At Large
Gerald Brandt, APS Staff Liaison
Nia Bagley, Planning Commission Liaison
Vacant, Sports Commission Liaison