About OST

Established by the Partnership for Children, Youth and Families (PYCF), the OST Council advises the County and School Boards on supporting activities for kids once they are out of school. The OST Advisory Council is a reconfiguration of the Extended Day Citizens Committee and assumes its mission to improve the delivery of Out-of-School Time services for preschool and school age youth.

Outreach and Communication

  • Coordinate communications about OST needs, programs and activities.
  • Coordinate OST outreach to community, parents and families.
  • Coordinate communication among the various OST provider organizations.
  • Maintain a website as a clearinghouse of information regarding local OST opportunities and resources.

Professional Development, Education and Quality Assurance

  • Provide ongoing professional development opportunities, as well as trained observer/peer evaluations, for OST providers to ensure quality.
  • Facilitate training, including an annual conference, for OST professionals.

Advocacy and Partnerships

  • Advise the County and School Boards on OST matters of community importance.
  • Advocate for access to OST opportunities for all segments of the community, particularly low-income, minority, limited English proficient and disadvantaged families.
  • Adopt a community-wide vision for OST to guide practices and policies.
  • Establish guidelines for high quality programs and activities for grades preK-12.
  • Articulate the interests of the OST professionals and Arlington families who are the consumers or potential consumers of OST services.
  • Coordinate partnerships among various OST organizations in Arlington County as well as outside Arlington.