OST Membership

  1. There shall be ten community members, five appointed by the County Board and five by the School Board. At least half of the members shall be OST service providers. At least half shall be Arlington residents. Council membership shall include representatives of low income and minority communities. Members shall be appointed from the categories listed below.
    • Private providers of OST programs such as Arlington YMCA, Greenbrier Learning Center, AHC, Inc., Edu-Futuro, and the Mongolian School
    • Youth group organizations such as Buckingham Youth Brigade and the Arlington Soccer Association
    • One liaison from the County Council of PTAs
    • High school or college age youth representatives
    • Parents/guardians of school age children
  2. The School Superintendent and the County Manager shall each appoint up to two program managers from Extended Day programs and PRCR youth services to serve as members of the OST Advisory Council.
  3. The PCYF Assets Liaison will serve as a member of the OST Advisory Council, and PCYF Board Chair will serve as an ex-officio member of the OST Advisory Council.
  4. The School and County Boards shall each ensure that an OST Advisory Council member is also a member of the Board of the Partnership for Children, Youth and Families to ensure linkage between the OST Council and other committees of the PYCF.
  5. The School Superintendent and the County Manager shall designate the Extended Day Director and the Community Recreation Division Chief, or other appropriate staff, in the role of staff liaisons to coordinate implementation of the Council’s charge.
  6. The Partnership for Children, Youth and Families shall take the lead to ensure that the Out-of-School Time Advisory Council carries out its charge.
  7. The County and School Boards will jointly appoint a Chair of the Council. The Chair is in addition to the 10 community members.
  8. The appointed Chair of the OST Advisory Council shall designate a Council member to represent Arlington County on the Virginia Partnership for Out-of-School Time (VPOST) for a two-year term.
  9. Council members shall be appointed for two-year terms and may be appointed for two consecutive terms. Members may then be re-appointed after a rotation off the Council for at least two years. Initial appointments shall be for two- and three-year terms to provide for staggered terms and continuity of OST Advisory Council work. The Chair shall serve a two-year term.