Natural Resources Joint Advisory Group Members

NRJAG is comprised of members from 3 commissions.

Park and Recreation Commission members:

  • Shruti Kupta
  • Jill Barker
  • Sarah Baryluk

Mission: The PRC Commission makes recommendations on the coordination, efficiency, safety and quality of park and recreation facilities, programs and services; and manages the process for small park grants and various recognition’s.

Forestry and Natural Resources Commission (FNRC) members:

  • Caroline Haynes (Chair) 
  • David Howell
  • Phil Klingelhofer 


The Forestry and Natural Resources Commission (FNRC) provides the County Board with advice and recommendations to improve the health and sustainability of Arlington’s urban forest and natural resources. 

The Commission charge includes:

  • Programs and policies for the maintenance and enhancement of trees and other natural resources on public property.
  • The preservation or restoration of trees, other native vegetation, biodiversity, and ecological sustainability in conservation areas, parks, and other County owned natural areas.
  • The preservation and enhancement of trees, other natural resources, and natural features associated with development and infrastructure improvement projects on public and private property.  

Climate Change, Energy and Environment Commission (C2E2) members:

  • Joan McIntyre
  • David Evans
  • Mikalia Milton

Mission: The Climate Change, Energy and Environment Commission (C2E2) advises and assists the Arlington County Board in meeting Arlington’s commitment to climate action on:

  • Measures to advance energy efficiency, renewable energy, electrification of buildings and transportation, energy equity, energy security, and the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the County.
  • Threats posed by climate change to infrastructure, health and well-being.
  • Environmental justice
  • Sustainable policies and practices, including progress toward Arlington’s zero waste goal.
  • The sustainability of the natural environment, taking into account the inter-relationships among the air, water and land.
  • Environmental issues impacting the health of our citizens.