Information Technology Advisory Commission (ITAC)

Technology Advisory Commission Purposes
  • Advises the County Board on the following:
    • Technology issues to maintain the County as a 21st-century information and education center
    • County IT systems security
    • Improvement of County services through IT
    • Green and Smart buildings and infrastructure
    • Emergency and disaster communications
    • Nonregulated information systems, including Internet, CLEC, satellite and wireless communications
    • New information or telecommunications system effectiveness and efficiency
    • Cable TV and entertainment systems
  • Assists by providing information regarding technology industry regulations
  • Reports and Materials


6 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Information Technology Advisory Commission (Tech Commission) Commission Meeting via Microsoft Teams due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

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You can find more information on future and past meetings here.

2022 Meetings

 Jan 26      

Commission meetings are open to the public, and the Commission hears public comments relating to Commission issues at the beginning of each meeting. To send an email comment to the Commission, contact Commission Chair Mary Crannell.

Note: Meeting dates and locations are subject to change; check with Staff Liaison Richard Archambault to confirm meeting details or to receive an updated agenda.


ITAC consists of 13 members appointed for three-year terms. The County Board designates the Commission’s Chair annually in December.

Note: Appointment term end dates follow each member’s name.

  • Richard Archambault, Staff Coordinator
  • Mary Crannell, Chair
  • Frank Jazzo, Vice Chair
  • Jonathan Adelstein
  • John Burke
  • Michael Carleton
  • Philip Caughran
  • Dr. Michael Cornfield
  • John Johnson
  • Martha Moore
  • Kevin Robins
  • Jacqueline Snelling
  • Gary Thayer
  • Andrea Wingo

County Board Liaison: Takis Karantonis

*Vacancies with dates occur when a member has left the Commission. Replacements serve out the remainder of the term.