Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB)

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 emergency, Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board meeting schedules and format have changed.

Meeting dates and times are tentative until an agenda is posted.
     • At this time, confirmed meetings will convene virtually. Learn how to view and participate below.

The Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) advises the County Board on historic preservation matters. The HALRB nominates properties for local and national designation and also reviews plans for exterior alterations, demolition, and new construction in locally designated Arlington historic districts through a Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA) process.

Certificate of Appropriateness Process

Applicants who have submitted a Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA) application must go before the Design Review Committee (DRC) – a subcommittee that works with the HALRB. The DRC offers free technical and design advice to the applicant and helps finalize the CoA request before it goes to the HALRB for review. This flowchart shows how an application for a CoA progresses.

2022 Meetings

Date & Agenda Location Topics & Materials 

 Wednesday, January 19 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 192KB)

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Minutes(PDF, 699KB)


  1. 3421 21st Ave North Drawings(PDF, 10MB) Report(PDF, 736KB)
  2. 315 North Glebe Drawings(PDF, 13MB) Report(PDF, 811KB)  
  3. 2415 Shirlington Rd Drawings(PDF, 16MB) Report(PDF, 622KB)
  4. 2831 23rd Road North Drawings(PDF, 4MB) Report(PDF, 739KB)

 Wednesday, February 16 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 192KB)

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Minutes(PDF, 614KB)



  1. 3623 21st Ave North Drawings(PDF, 11MB) Report(PDF, 771KB)

 Wednesday, March 16 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 193KB)

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Minutes(PDF, 679KB)

  1. 4025 North Randolph St. Drawings(PDF, 4MB) Report(PDF, 2MB)
  2. 3205 23rd St. North Drawings(PDF, 12MB) Report(PDF, 740KB)
  3. 2204 North Kenmore St. Drawings(PDF, 11MB) Report(PDF, 769KB)
  4. 2309 North Jackson St. Drawings(PDF, 21MB) Report(PDF, 748KB)

 Wednesday, April 20 at 6.30 PM

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Agenda(PDF, 195KB)

Minutes(PDF, 635KB)


  1. 2309 North Kenmore St. Drawings(PDF, 9MB) Report(PDF, 529KB)
  2. 3313 22nd St. North Drawings(PDF, 1MB) Report(PDF, 519KB)
  3. 3600 22nd St. North Drawings(PDF, 24MB) Report(PDF, 545KB)
  4. 3327 22nd St. North Drawings(PDF, 11MB) Report(PDF, 520KB)
  5. 2836 23rd Rd. North Drawings(PDF, 12MB) Report(PDF, 548KB)
  6. 4102 North Old Glebe Rd. Drawings(PDF, 1MB) Report(PDF, 522KB)
  7. 2206 North Kenmore St. Drawings(PDF, 12MB) Report(PDF, 569KB)

Historic Marker: Mount Salvation Cemetery(PDF, 44KB)

 Wednesday, May 18 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 196KB) 

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Minutes(PDF, 718KB)

  1. 3550 Wilson Blvd. Drawings(PDF, 13MB) Report(PDF, 522KB)
  2. 2329 N Jackson St. Drawings(PDF, 6MB) Report(PDF, 519KB)
  3. 3601 21st Ave N. Drawings(PDF, 1MB) Report(PDF, 545KB)
  4. 2206 N Kenmore St. Drawings(PDF, 578KB) Report(PDF, 520KB)

  5. 2101 Kenmore St. (withdrawn)
  6. 2317 N Kenmore St. Drawings(PDF, 5MB) Report(PDF, 529KB)

  7. (PDF, 529KB)Maywood Window Replacement Guidance(PDF, 103KB) Report(PDF, 607KB)

FBC Redevelopment: 2801 Columbia Pike

Park Naming: S Eads & Army Navy Dr. Presentation(PDF, 242KB)

 Wednesday, June 15 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 193KB)

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Minutes(PDF, 673KB)




Consent Agenda

  1. 3200 22nd St N Drawings(PDF, 46MB) Report(PDF, 523KB)
  2. 3607 22nd St N Drawings(PDF, 4MB) Report(PDF, 511KB)
  3. 3421 21st Ave N Drawings(PDF, 18MB) Report(PDF, 521KB)
  4. 2821 23rd St N Drawings(PDF, 3MB) Report(PDF, 536KB)

Maywood Window Replacement Guidance(PDF, 172KB)  | Report(PDF, 602KB)

Park Naming: 11th N & Danville(PDF, 2MB)

Historic Marker Review: W-L High School(PDF, 758KB)

 Wednesday, July 20 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 188KB)

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 Consent Agenda

  1. 3501 21st Ave N Drawings(PDF, 43MB)  Report(PDF, 124KB)
  2. 3550 Wilson Blvd Drawings(PDF, 11MB)  Report(PDF, 523KB)

Park Naming:HQ2 postponed to August meeting

Columbia Pike Neighborhood Form Based Code Project Review: Haven Apartments(PDF, 2MB)

Local Historic District Preliminary Discussion: Haven Apartments(PDF, 17MB)

 Wednesday, August 17 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 193KB)


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Consent Agenda

  1. 5711 4th St S Drawings(PDF, 4MB)  Report(PDF, 528KB)
  2. 4102 N Old Glebe Drawings(PDF, 2MB)  Report(PDF, 530KB)

Discussion Agenda

  1. 5800 Washington Blvd Drawings(PDF, 5MB)  Report(PDF, 533KB)
  2. 2326 N Jackson Drawings(PDF, 2MB)  Report(PDF, 558KB)

Park Naming: Beaver Pond(PDF, 405KB)  

Park Naming: HQ2

Wednesday, September 21 at 6.30 PM    
 Wednesday, October 19  at 6.30 PM    
 Wednesday, November 16 at 6.30 PM    
 Wednesday, December 21 at 6.30 PM

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How to View and Participate in a Virtual HALRB Meeting

Virtual HALRB meetings will be held through electronic communication means in compliance with the Code of Virginia and Arlington County’s Continuity of Operations Ordinance. All meetings are open to virtual attendance by the public and closed to in-person attendance.

  • Group members, staff, and public testimony will be hosted by teleconference/videoconference via Microsoft Teams.
  • Meeting access information will be provided on the Board’s webpage at arlingtonva.us. (link will be posted in chart above prior to the meeting start)
  • Live captioning is available when using the Microsoft Teams App. Please download the free Microsoft Teams App onto your computer and test it prior to the meeting. You must be using the Teams App and be logged in in order to use the live captioning feature. For further instruction on how to join a Teams Meeting, you can visit the How to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting video.
  • Audio is available from the dial-in phone option.
  • A recording of the meeting will be posted to the Board’s webpage two business days after the meeting.
  • To request translation services or other reasonable accommodations, contact Serena Bolliger: 703-228-3818sbolliger@arlingtonva.us.

The public can participate by sharing live verbal testimony or written comments in advance.

  • Sign-up online to speak by 12 noon on the day of the meeting.
    • In-person registration will not be available.
    • Registered speakers will receive an email with further instruction.
    • Speakers will join the meeting via Microsoft Teams (accessible through a web browser or the free app), or, via a phone line to provide their comments.
    • To register by phone, contact Serena Bolliger at 703-228-3818.
  • Submit written comments online to the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board. Comments received by 12 noon on the day of the meeting will be provided to the Board in advance.