HALRB Members

The HALRB is a 15-member board created under the Zoning Ordinance in 1976. Its members are appointed by the Arlington County Board and each serve four-year terms without financial compensation.

(Appointment expiration dates are shown in parentheses)

Richard Woodruff, Chairman (2/25)

John Aiken (10/24)

Omari Davis, Vice Chairman (7/26)*

Robert Dudka (12/22)*

Alexandra Foster (6/26)

Sarah Garner (2/25)

Jennie Gwin (9/22)*

Carmela Hamm (2/24)

Gerald Laporte (1/25)

Joan Lawrence (1/25)

Robert Meden (5/25)

Rebecca Meyer (7/25)

Mark Turnbull (10/21)

Andrew Wenchel, Jr. (5/26)*

* Design Review Committee Member