Form Based Code Advisory Working Group (FBC AWG) Members

The Form Based Code Advisory Working Group (FBC AWG) includes members from civic associations, the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization (CPRO), several advisory commissions, and the Zoning Committee of the Planning Commission (ZOCO), as well as area developers.

Meetings generally last two hours (unless otherwise specified in that month’s agenda) and occur once a month. On occasion, there are other community meetings (usually related to redevelopment proposals) in which we encourage FBC AWG members to participate with staff. Depending on where they live, a typical FBC AWG member can anticipate attending one of these per year.

  • Stephen Hughes, Planning Commission, Chair
  • Mark Cole, Alcova Heights
  • Betty Siegel, Arlington Heights
  • Noreen Quill, Arlington Mill
  • Vacant, Arlington View
  • Katja Helbing, Barcroft
  • Kathy Guernsey, Columbia Forest
  • Ed Miltenberger, Columbia Heights
  • Linda Dye, Douglas Park
  • James Smith, Foxcroft Heights
  • Stefanie Pryor, Penrose
  • Vacant, Architect/Developer
  • Amy McWilliams, Columbia Pike Partnership