Regional Grants to Disability Groups Current Grantees

These are the current Grantees under the Regional Contributions for Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020:

Northern Virginia Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NVRC)– $48,354.75

Funds for this project will continue information and referral, and case management services for residents with hearing impairments in Arlington County. Services are provided through a part-time outreach specialist providing a minimum of 16 hours of service per week. Service components include information and education presentations; and assistive technology demonstrations at County non-profit, social service and government organizations. Educational activities will also take place at public events and venues such as shopping malls. Presentations are designed to help people with reduced hearing recognize and understand hearing loss, and help hearing relatives and caretakers communicate more effectively with people experiencing hearing loss. NVRC will also exhibit materials and technologies at selected County conferences and meetings. The Specialist will provide information regarding technology and research; and referrals to business, non-profit and educational organizations serving people with hearing impairments. NVRC will also continue its extensive email and newsletter services concerning resources and programs that concern deaf and hard of hearing people and continue workshops for hearing impaired individuals and their families. NVRC is requested to allocate some funds for development of a program serving non-English speaking persons with hearing loss and to emergency preparedness issues.

National Rehabilitation and Rediscovery Foundation (NRRF)– $11,058.75

This project provides dance and movement workshops to Arlington County residents with mobility and sensory-based disabilities to increase their physical and psychosocial health and recreational opportunities. The requested funds will be used to conduct a series of 6-8 dance/movement workshops in a variety of community venues including local recreation centers, public schools and disability organization sites. This project specializes in adapting the individual needs of people with disabilities and focusing on abilities.

Brain Injury Services of Northern Virginia$22,920.75

Funds will be used to continue a successful, case manager position dedicated to assisting Arlington County residents with brain injuries. The case manager will provide individual consultations and case management, education and outreach in the County and referral to appropriate collaborative agencies and programs. Clients will receive assistance in achieving autonomy and self-sufficiency through cognitive rehabilitation, life skills training, mental health counseling, assistive technology information and training, medical specialist evaluations and job coaching. Services will be based on individual needs and client objectives. Services will be provided in collaboration with agencies such as ICON and SOC supported employment programs, the Department of Rehabilitation Services, social service agencies and community mental health programs. Outcome measurements will be based on goals written in the client-based case management plan and satisfaction surveys.

Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind– $29,575.75

Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind will continue its programs for persons with vision loss. Program objectives include providing community based services for people who are blind or visually impaired in independent living skills, mobility, assistive technology, low vision, social/recreational and support services including volunteer readers and shoppers; increasing sensitivity and awareness of family members and others to the challenges and opportunities for those who are blind or visually impaired; promoting independence and providing tools to assist in the maintenance of vision loss.