Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee (CDCAC)

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 emergency, Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee meeting schedules and format have changed.

     • Meeting dates and times are tentative until a public notice and agenda are posted.
     • At this time, confirmed meetings will convene virtually. Learn how to view and participate below.

The Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee (CDCAC) reviews grant requests, evaluates programs and makes recommendations to the County Board for the use of federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds. The Committee also advises on the development of the annual Community Development program as part of Arlington’s five-year Consolidated Plan.

Public hearings on needs and performance of the CDBG program by CDCAC and the Housing Commission are held each fall. The proposed Annual Action Plan describing CDBG activities and past performance is included in the County Board budget hearing in March. October proposal review meetings are closed session.

Learn more about this Committee through the CDCAC Charter(PDF, 129KB).

Learn more about CDCAC's Electronic Meeting Policy(PDF, 365KB).

2022 Meetings

Date & Agenda Location  Topics & Materials 

Jan. 5 

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  1. Meeting Minutes(PDF, 275KB)
  2. FY 2022 HUD Annual Action Plan, Regular Amendment and Additional MIPAP Allocation (Action)
  3. HOME ARP Listening Session Recap (Information)
  4. FY 2023 NOFA Process Debrief (Discussion)


Feb. 2 

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  1. Meeting Minutes(PDF, 180KB)
  2. Non-Competitive Community Development Fund FY 2023 Program Proposals
  3. Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) and Public Community Action Program (CAP) Overview


March 2

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  1. Meeting Minutes(PDF, 185KB)
  2. FY 2023 HUD Annual Action Plan and Community Development Fund Budget Recommendations (Action)
  3. FY 2022 Community Development Tour 


March 17

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Virtual  1. Open Meetings and FOIA Training 
April 6 

Gilliam Place

3507 Columbia Pike

2022 Community Development Tour 

May 4 

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  1. Meeting Minutes(PDF, 127KB)
  2. Neighborhood Conservation Program Review and Intersection with Community Development Programming(PDF, 5MB)
  3. FY 2022 Community Development Fund Financial Report(PDF, 92KB)
  4. FY 2022 Program Monitoring Overview(PDF, 142KB)


June 1 

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  1. Meeting Minutes(PDF, 162KB)
  2. Draft HOME-ARP Allocation Plan Review and Feedback (Action) – 45 minutes
  3. FY 2024 Community Development Fund NOFA (Discussion) – 25 minutes


July 6  Cancelled  
Aug. 3  Cancelled  

Sept. 7 

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Hybrid; Room 913 and Virtual 

  1. Meeting Minutes
  2. FY 2024 HUD Action Plan Public Hearing (Public Hearing)
  3. FY 2022 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) (Information)
  4. FY 2024 Community Development Fund Notice of Funding Availability Review Process (Information)
Oct. 5  Hybrid; Room 913 and Virtual  
Oct. 12  Hybrid; Room 715 and Virtual  
Oct. 19  Hybrid; Room 913 and Virtual  
Oct. 26  Hybrid; Room 913 and Virtual  
Nov. 2  Hybrid; Room 913 and Virtual  
Dec. 7  Hybrid; Room 715 and Virtual  

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How to View and Participate in a Hybrid CDCAC Meeting

CDCAC meetings are hybrid meetings where members of the public may attend in-person or via electronic communications using Microsoft Teams.

  • Committee members, staff, and public testimony will be hosted by teleconference/videoconference via Microsoft Teams.
  • A recording of the meeting will be posted to the Committee’s webpage within two business days after the meeting.
  • Meeting access information will be provided on the Committee’s webpage at (link will be posted in chart above prior the meeting start)
  • Live captioning is available when using the Microsoft Teams App. Please download the free Microsoft Teams App onto your computer and test it prior to the meeting. You must be using the Teams App and be logged in in order to use the live captioning feature. For further instruction on how to join a Teams Meeting, you can visit the How to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting video.
  • Audio is available from the dial-in phone option.
  • To request translation services or other reasonable accommodations, contact Caitlin Jones:;703-228-3762.

The public can participate by sharing live verbal testimony or written comments in advance.

  • Sign-up online to speak by 12:00 PM on the day of the meeting.
    • In-person registration will not be available.
    • Registered speakers will receive an email with further instruction.
    • Speakers will join the meeting via Microsoft Teams (accessible through a web browser or the free app), or, via a phone line to provide their comments.
    • To register by phone, contact Caitlin Jones: 703-228-3762.
  • Submit written comments online to the CDCAC. Comments received by 12:00 PM on the day of the meeting will be provided to the Commission in advance.