CDCAC Neighborhood Strategy Area Program

The Neighborhood Strategy Area (NSA) Program concentrates funds in areas showing the greatest needs and opportunities for revitalization as determined by income and other socio-economic criteria and trends. The Program is designed to maximize the impact of our neighborhood revitalization efforts by concentrating CDBG funds and other resources in a small number of low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.

Arlington’s neighborhoods are designated NSAs under the federal Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), based on HUD income eligibility data derived from the 2000 Census and will be re-assessed for eligibility based on 2010 Census data.

Eleven of Arlington’s eligible neighborhoods were classified into three tiers, according to need and level of planning assistance. The three tiers are Neighborhood Focus Areas (NFAs), Neighborhood Enhancement Areas (NEAs) and Neighborhood Outreach Areas (NOAs).