Solid Waste Committee

A public advisory committee to assist in drafting the County’s new Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP), which will incorporate zero waste principles into its goals and objectives as well as serve as the roadmap for recycling, waste reduction and overall solid waste programming activities in Arlington through 2044.

The SWMP is a state mandated 20-year planning document that serves as the County’s principal solid waste management planning framework. SWMPs are required to assess and plan for the reuse, recycling, and disposal of solid waste. Arlington’s plan will incorporate zero waste principles consistent with the County’s adopted target of at least 90% waste diversion from landfill or incineration by 2038. 

recycling, organics and trash carts

The SWC is being convened to represent the interests and views of the Arlington County community. The SWMP will be drafted by County staff and outside consultants, with the advice and counsel of the SWC. SWC members are encouraged to communicate regularly with their interest groups, to convey the opinions of their interest groups to County staff and consultants, and to provide their interest groups with periodic updates on the study’s progress.

To meet state regulatory deadlines, the SWMP must be adopted by the County Board no later than July 1, 2024. County staff designed a schedule in which the majority of the SWC’s involvement would be between January 2022 and July 2023. 

Solid Waste Management Plan and Zero Waste Plan

Read the full 2024 Solid Waste Management Plan(PDF, 9MB)

Find the highlights of the draft Solid Waste Management Plan and Zero Waste Plan in the below infographic (click for larger version):

An infographic with highlights of Arlington's Solid Waste Management Plan and Zero Waste Management Plan(PDF, 5MB)

Nov. 1-2, 2023 Virtual Community Meetings Materials





Carrie Thompson

 Committee Chair, C2E2

Dean Amel

 SWC member, NAACP, Forestry, Sierra Club

Marlene RedDoor

 SWC member

Kimberly Fedinatz

 SWC member

Caroline White

 SWC member

Sam Watzman

 SWC member

Gabriel Calvo

 SWC member

Scott Pedowitz

 Apartment and Office Building Association

David Dunn

 Capitol Trash service

Charles Meng

 Arlington Food Assistance Center

Barry Harte

 Marymount University

Anne Germain

 National Waste & Recycling Association

Saul Reyes


Larry Straub

 Fairlington Villages

Julie Sproesser

 Restaurant Association of Metropolitan   Washington

Brian Goggin

 Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing

John Musso

 Arlington Chamber of Commerce

Kerm Towler

 Arlington Public Schools


Additional Resources

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Zero Waste & Solid Waste Planning Benchmarking and Literature Review – by ERG Presents the results of a benchmarking analysis of nine jurisdictions in the United States that have developed and adopted zero waste plans and goals, sustainable materials management plans and goals or ambitious solid waste management plans.

The Community Zero Waste Roadmap – Eco-cycle Solutions High level overview of the key infrastructure, policies and programs that have been proven to work in communities pursuing a Zero Waste goal. Laid out as a three-phase, 10-year plan to recover 90% of the discards in your community and to reduce waste at the source.

2004 Arlington County Solid Waste Master Plan

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2021 Q1-Q4 SWB Residential Waste Audit Data