Commission on Aging: Age-Friendly Arlington

The Commission on Aging aims to enhance the quality of life for older Arlingtonians by ensuring all planning and County activities address their specific needs.

As an advisor on aging issues to the Arlington Agency on Aging, County Board, County Manager and other County agencies, the Commission assists in the following areas:

  • Developing and implementing area plans for older residents
  • Analyzing and inventorying the needs of older residents
  • Encouraging the participation of older persons in policy and program planning
  • Serving as an advocate for older residents
  • Encouraging community awareness and assisting with outreach on the needs and preferences of older residents
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on community policies, programs and actions that affect older residents

Age Friendly Arlington

In May 2018 Arlington was accepted into the AARP/World Health Organization network of Age Friendly Communities.  The Commission on Aging spent the time between 2018 and 2020 to identify key areas of focus to make Arlington even more Age Friendly. The Arlington Age Friendly Plan “Building An Age Friendly Community” is the result of this two years of effort by the Arlington County Commission on Aging, the Age Friendly Task Force and the staff of Arlington’s Aging & Disability Services Division. Upon approval by the County Board the Plan will be forwarded to AARP/World Health Organization for approval. 

 AgeFriendly Arlington 2018 - 2023 2020 Action Plan(PDF, 1011KB)  2023 Evaluation Report(PDF, 2MB) 
 Age-Friendly Arlington 2024 - 2028  Action Plan (Under Development)  

If you would like to know more, or get involved, we invite you to attend a Commission meeting, or join one of the Committees. Meeting days and times can be found 

Effective March 2017: the Commission on Long Term Care Residences (CLTCR) is now a committee of the Commission on Aging. Previous CLTCR agendas and meeting materials can be found on the Commission on Aging page. The previous Commission documents pages will remain intact for access to previous documents as needed.