Arlington Wallet


Arlington Wallet is an online financial transparency tool making it easier to see and understand how Arlington County spends and receives money. The initiative furthers the County’s commitment to ethical, transparent government and fiscal responsibility.

The tool is powered by the popular OpenGov budget and performance reporting platform used by more than 1,600 local and state governments or government agencies across the U.S. To learn more about Arlington Wallet please visit the website.

Value Statement

Most of Arlington County’s financial information is already public and made available upon request. Arlington Wallet makes this information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone with an internet connection. The easy-to-navigate interface, visually appealing charts and graphs, and access to raw data allow everyday users to see trends, track monthly spending, and answer detailed questions about the County’s finances.


Arlington Wallet is currently available for public access.  County Manager Mark Schwartz announced the launch at the County Board’s Jan. 29 Recessed Meeting.


  • Transparency and Accountability