Commercial Haulers

Hauling companies collect, transport, haul, transfer, store and dispose of solid waste. Commercial haulers in Arlington must be permitted by the County.

Become a Permitted Hauler

Haulers that provide trash, recycling, organics, cooking oil or grease collection services must obtain a permit before picking up or transporting any of these materials. The permit fee is $150 per vehicle and valid for a one-year period beginning Jan. 1 of each year. Permit applications will be available upon request and are subject to approval. Once a permit is received, ensure it is in visible on each vehicle. Each permit must be renewed annually by Jan. 31New permits are not prorated.

Vehicle Removed from Service or Sold? 

In the event that a permitted collection vehicle is removed from service or sold, the permit for that collection vehicle be removed and returned to the County no less than 10 business days following the vehicle’s removal from service or sale.

Lost Permit? 

In the event that a permit is not recoverable, you must notify the County in writing within 10 days and include the permit number of the collection vehicle and the circumstances of loss. A $50 fee must be paid before obtaining a replacement permit from the County.

Collection Industry Reporting 

By Jan. 31 each year, hauling companies must submit an Annual Solid Waste & Recycling Report to the County for the previous calendar year. This information is deemed necessary by the County to facilitate compliance with Virginia Code Section 10.1-1411. Failure to meet the Jan. 31 deadline will result in a $100 administrative fee.


Each hauler is required to itemize invoices to customers, including container capacity, frequency of pickup and monthly charge for trash collection separately from recycling collection services

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