Opening a New Business

Businesses serving Alcohol

An Alcoholic Beverage License is required.  The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) exercises a monopoly over the importation and sale of all alcoholic beverages, except beer and wine. The Board also issues licenses for liquor manufacturing, beer and wine wholesaling, beer and wine sales and retail sales of spirits by the drink. For additional information contact:

Contractor License Registration

Contractors must register with both of the following:

Emergency Business Contacts Form

The Arlington County Police Department(ACPD) requests new business owners to complete an Emergency Business Contacts form so they can contact you in the event of a fire, burglary or other problem at your business location after normal business hours. For more information, contact the ACPD at 703-228-4040.

To learn more about your rights and responsibilities as an Arlington business owner, email a Business Tax Specialist or call 703-228-3060.

Virginia Taxes

S Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies

Retail Sales & Use Tax

Every individual, partnership, corporation, etc., who engages as a business retail dealer in Virginia must register with the State Department of Taxation. They must also collect the retail sales tax, file reports and pay taxes either monthly or quarterly, depending upon the volume of business. For more information, contact:

Retail Sales & Use Tax

Virginia Unemployment Tax

The state of Virginia and the federal government levy taxes on employees’ wages. The employer pays the state tax into a state fund that pays unemployment benefits. For more information, contact:

Virginia Employment Commission

Worker's Compensation

Any employer who has three or more regular employees must furnish workers’ compensation insurance coverage at no cost to the employees. The employer may either purchase the insurance through a private insurance company or apply to the Workers’ Compensation Commission to be a self-insurer. For more information specific to contractors and subcontractors, read the Workers’ Compensation Information for Contractors and Subcontractors.


Federal Taxes

Any business that files a Schedule C should have an Arlington County Business License.  For questions, email a Business Tax Specialist or call 703-228-3060.

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