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Current Engagement Opportunities

Arlington 2050: Envisioning Tomorrow Together – A Postcard from the Future: Imagine you live, work, and or play in Arlington in the year 2050—and you love it! What makes it great? What's new? What's the same? What does the ideal Arlington look like to you? Share your vision about the future of our community!

Understanding the Needs of Veterans and Service Members in ArlingtonArlington County’s Military and Veterans Advisory Committee (MVAC) is interested in hearing from members of the military, veterans, and their families who live and/or work in Arlington about types of programs, services, and resources that could be helpful. Click here to participate so that we can explore programs and services that may better serve our Veteran and Active Military Community.

Natural Surface Trails Project - Feedback Form through February 22: The goal of the Natural Surface Trails Study is to ensure the County’s trail system remains sustainable and provides high-quality access to nature for all park users. Share your thoughts on the first engagement for Natural Surface Trails here. Learn more about the project, view the assessment and inventory, and sign up for email updates on the project page to stay up to date as it moves forward.

National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) Site Plan - Hybrid Meeting on February 22, 7 p.m.: The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) will host a hybrid public meeting to review a proposed site plan located at 1840 Wilson Blvd, also known as the NSTA site. Visit the project page to learn more about the site, and to find information on where to join the meeting.

WMATA FY 2025 Budget Public Hearing - In-person meeting on February 28 at 6 p.m.: Metro is confronting an unprecedented $750 million budget deficit in the coming fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2024. Join the public meeting on Wednesday, February 28 at the Arlington County Board Room (2100 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 307). Pre-register to speak by emailing speak@wmata.com or calling 202-962-2511 by 12 p.m. the day of the hearing. Visit the WMATA website to learn more. Can't make it in-person? Watch live online here.

Special Land Use Study - Feedback Form through March 4: County staff is reviewing a request related to two parcels located on 23rd Street South between South Hayes Street and South Grant Street. The property owner has requested to change the GLUP from "Public" to "Low-Medium" Residential with an associated rezoning. The draft study document for this Special GLUP Study is now available for review. Please read the document and share your feedback via the online comment form.

Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge Replacement Project – In Person Open House on March 5, 6:30 p.m.: This project will replace the deteriorated roadway and underlying bridge deck. Please join members of the project team on Tuesday, March 5 between 6:30 – 8:00 pm for a drop-in style Project Update Open House. More information available on the project page.

WMATA FY 2025 Budget - Feedback Form through March 5: Metro is confronting an unprecedented $750 million budget deficit in the coming fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2024. Provide your feedback on the WMATA FY 2025 Budget online. Visit the WMATA website to learn more.

Community Engagement Forum on Aging - Hybrid Event on March 18, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.: Join key Arlington County staff, Commission on Aging members, and community partners for an interactive discussion on what matters most to older Arlingtonians during the annual Community Engagement Forum on Aging. This program will focus on livable communities and will include small group discussions on the next Age-Friendly Arlington 5-year plan. Join us in-person at Lubber Run Community Center - Oak/Hickory Room or virtually via Microsoft Teams. Light refreshments will be available for in-person attendees. Register for this event here.

Land Use at Barcroft Apartments – Feedback Form – through March 24: Arlington County is reviewing the land use proposal included in Jair Lynch’s Master Financing and Development Plan for Barcroft Apartments. Share your priorities (other than affordability) for Barcroft in your preferred language. More information available on the Barcroft Apartments webpage.

Gulf Branch Resilience Project - Feedback FormPlease share your thoughts on the latest design update for the Gulf Branch Stream Resilience Project. Visit the project page to learn more.

Business Disparity Study - Feedback FormArlington is conducting a Disparity Study to determine the effects of race, ethnicity or gender on a businesses’ ability to do business in Arlington County. Share your feedback online or visit www.arlingtoncountyvadisparitystudy.com to learn more.

Safe Homes, Safe Relationships - Feedback Form in English or español: Share your feedback with Project PEACE on any experience you may have been using, looking for, or if you are referring people to resources for those impacted by domestic/intimate partner violence and sexual assault in Arlington County. Your feedback is confidential. Results will help enhance and improve services for everyone in the county. 

Requests to Advertise

The Board approved three Requests to Advertise for public hearings related to the Arlington County Zoning Ordinance and Arlington County Code. Requests to advertise are not final votes, and residents will have an opportunity to comment on these items at later dates.

Registration to speak on an item with a scheduled public hearing opens approximately a week before the meeting, and members of the public can either register online or call in at 703-228-3130.  Those wanting to participate in these hearings can do so in person, virtually, or by phone and will receive instructions on these options once they have completed their registration. Members of the public wanting to speak on a Consent Agenda item must notify the County Board Office before 9 AM at Regular Meetings to request the item be pulled from the agenda. Agendas will note which consent agenda items are subject to public hearing requirements and which require Board member consent to be removed.  

Members of the public are also strongly encouraged to subscribe to the County Board's News and Updates service to be alerted when meeting agendas are posted. Board meeting and agenda information can be accessed on the County Board's webpage.

Parking Meter Pilot Program - Item 27
This item will be heard by the County Board in February 2024. This item would establish a temporary performance parking pilot program in commercial corridors that would permit periodic administrative changes to metered parking rates to help address peak parking demand and utilization.

Sanitary Sewer Collection System Plan Update - Item 28
This item will be heard by the Planning Commission and County Board in February 2024. This item would update the Sanitary Sewer Collection System plan, an element of the County’s Comprehensive plan. The Sanitary Sewer Collection System plan, last updated in 2002, sets the policy and infrastructure improvements necessary to meet anticipated growth and development within the County.




Sarah Tracey
Director of Public Engagement
Office of Communications & Public Engagement